2016 Flyfishing Trips

Penns Creek...family trip (report)

Penns Creek....annual mens trip (Report)

The Rose River (Report)

The Little Juniata (report)

Penns Creek, PA (report)

Spring Creek, PA (report)

Raritan River South Branch, Ken Lockwood George (report)


2015 Flyfishing Trips

The Yellow Breeches (report)

Big Spring Creek (report)

Mossy Creek (report)

The Ausable (NY) (report)

The Delaware, NY (report)


2014 Flyfishing Trips

South River, Waynesboro, VA 30-August (report)

Falling Springs Creek, Chambersburg, PA August 23 (report)

Spring Creek, State College, PA July 21-25 (report)

Pohopoco Creek (tailwater) Lehighton, PA, July 14 (report)

W.Branch of the Delaware, Deposit, NY June 13-15 (report)

Little Juniata: near Spruce Creek, PA 31-May (report)

South River, Waynesboro, VA 17-May (report)